➡️ Ponca City Monthly magazine was founded in 2020 on the belief that Ponca City needed higher-quality stories and journalism for our community. We’re a locally owned small business run by Kelsey Wagner, a local community advocate for small businesses, and who understands the importance of high-quality, local journalism.

➡️ Ponca City Monthly is a monthly, hyperlocal print publication that distributes over 8,000 magazines all over Kay County. Ponca City Monthly magazine is an ad-supported, free publication.

➡️ Ponca City Monthly magazine is produced by MyMediaMatters Creative Agency, and our publication brings together over 30 local writers, editors, and contributors to share stories about our local community.

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Ponca City Monthly Plus will deliver all the stories you love from Ponca City Monthly magazine directly to your email inbox, plus will include new, online-only exclusive content. Our primary goal with Ponca City Monthly Magazine over the last four years has been our print publication. But we want to expand! We want to reach new readers - and we understand that readers now want new and different digital options to see and interact with local stories. We are transforming PoncaCityMonthly.com to deliver our stories in a new and exciting digital way, plus delivering new, exclusive online-only content. Our print publication is, and will always be free, and while our print publication is the best way to experience and read our stories we are adding a new paid online option that will enable readers to access new exclusive content. Ponca City Monthly Plus is a great additional option to see and experience our stories, and we recommend you read both! We hope to continue to expand both our print and online publications to meet the needs of our ever-changing and growing community.

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Here’s how Ponca City Monthly Plus works: We are primarily a printed publication that is also published online. All our content that is published in the print magazine is free, and it’s ad-supported which enables it to be free for our readers. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to SHOP and SUPPORT our advertisers. We have a list of all our current print advertisers here: Support our Advertisers

A Membership for Ponca City Monthly Plus costs $8/month, or $80/year. Members receive access to everything we produce including our exclusive online-only content, and they help support a new model of journalism for Ponca City. There’s also a Founding Member tier, at $250/year, aimed at companies and individuals who want to support our work at a higher level. Founding Members will be listed on our Founding Member page as vocal advocates of local journalism.

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